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Ledi provided a superior massage experience. As an enthusiast cyclist, I have issues with lower back tightness/soreness and IT band pain. She asked about areas of pain and demonstrated an expert knowledge of physiology. By the end of the session, I felt better than I have in weeks! Ledi has a real gift for body work, and her enthusiasm makes for a great experience.


Thank you so much Ledi. You are amazing as always. Best experience I've had for a massage.




Terrific. Feel more mobile. Helpful education and references afterward, on explanation of myofascial work and relation of emotional to physical healing.


Ledi seemed really in sync. She is phenomenal.


Excellent massage. Very focused on my areas of discomfort. I appreciate the appropriate pressure during the massage. Thank you for working on my areas of pain!




Ledi involved me a lot in the massage, which was good because it made me aware of the fact that I can help/prevent my body from getting tense.  It was the first time I experienced abdominal massage, which was great, and Ledi was very attentive to my marked areas. Very good communication in general. Great experience overall.


Ledi has a very gentle and caring manner. I felt safe and comfortable with her from our very first session. She offers a level of expertise and professionalism without comparison. I have suffered from chronic pain most of my adult life and was elated to find that her techniques really helped relieve my discomfort. Ledi always does a great job focusing on my problem areas. When I hurt, she knows how to fix it. SHE'S THE BEST!


I had not experienced this type of massage before. It was incredible, and I feel like all my knots were worked out.


Ledi truly makes a difference. She is exceptional.


It was a new experience for me and the session was wonderful. The entire process was very professional and impressive.

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