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Each session begins with an assessment  to quickly and accurately identify root causes of your pain. Following the bodywork, we will reassess the areas worked on to ensure you effectively healed your body.

All bodywork is performed over loose, comfortable clothing. Long-sleeved T-shirts and 100% cotton pajamas are best. Avoid wearing tight-fitting, high-performance athletic wear, as it is difficult to grip the fabric properly.


Chronic Conditions
The gentle Hendrickson Method® is ideal for relieving chronic pain and repetitive motion injuries. By gently touching your tissue, I use my knowledge of the human kinetic chain to find breakdowns in your body’s mechanical structure. I then gently untwist your knotted muscles and return them to their optimal, functional position. If we together find that your pain is related to emotions or past trauma, I can guide you to release that as well.

Stress Reduction/Relaxation
Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation and painfully tight joints and muscles. By using a combination of the Hendrickson Method®, intuition, and other manual therapy modalities, I can efficiently release the root causes of your stress.

Sports Massage
Athletes and athletic people require specific sports massage modalities to quickly heal from injury and improve their performance. I use a combination of deep tissue massage, compression, Myofascial Therapy (MFT) and certain Hendrickson Method® techniques that include joint mobilization, muscle energy technique and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Feedback (PNF).

Specialty Massage

Burn Scar / Surgery Scar Therapy
I am certified to work on burn scars of any degree. My knowledge of the healing process, combined with a humble understanding of the deep emotional impact such injuries have on survivors, ensures my approach helps relieve pain, encourages healing and improves quality of life. The same applies to treating surgery scars.

Hand Orthopedic Therapy

Hands are physically stressed more than you might think. Those who are most vulnerable to overuse are athletes and technology executives and their employees (who are typing on keyboards all day). Because the hand’s anatomy is so complex, simple compressions (used in traditional massage therapy) only provide temporary relief. My specialized approach focuses on the kinetic chain that links the hand, wrist and forearm to completely release any stress and dysfunction.  

Foot Orthopedic Therapy

Like hands, feet are complex and often stressed. Not only do they carry our weight and support our bodies, they are easily affected by unsuitable footwear and muscle dysfunction elsewhere in our bodies. During a session, I apply specialized techniques to mobilize the foot and ankle joints, release stressed muscles and tendons and bring feet and ankles back to optimal function.  


How well do you really know your employees?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 20.4% (50 million) of US adults suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain leads to a loss in concentration and energy levels and is estimated to result in $150 million worth of lost productivity.

The challenges that people face are often much deeper than what you can observe – or what they share. Pain, whether chronic or acute, causes people to turn inward and switch into survival mode.


Don’t let your employees suffer in silence.


A safe space to heal from chronic pain, repetitive sports injuries and chronic stress can pay dividends. Healthy employees are happier, more productive, more connected to their team, more creative and more collaborative.

Ledi Wellness provides in-office bodywork treatment for:

  • Chronic pain

  • Repetitive motion injuries

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

 All bodywork is performed over loose, comfortable clothing. 

To schedule a Corporate Wellness event, please contact me directly.

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