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Long lasting healing and recovery from injuries and chronic pain requires a combined approach of BODYWORK, MOVEMENT, and CHANGE IN MINDSET. It also requires a change in the traditional approach of "no pain, no gain".




At Ledi Wellness we provide a holistic approach to your healing and recovery which incorporates these three fundamental components:

- Advanced Orthopedic Bodywork
- Proper Movement

- Rapid Transformation of your Emotions and Mindset

The work is done with NO pain over comfortable clothing, to enable the body and the brain to associate movement without pain and shift into a state of homeostasis (healing state).

This approach produces amazing results in the shortest amount of time.


For example one endurance athlete was able to get out of severe chronic pain in their hip with only 20 min of bodywork. They went on to complete an endurance bike ride of 30 miles with no pain the next day.

We work very effectively with a variety of chronic conditions, and sports related injuries and also with people of any age.


During my career as a technology sales executive in Silicon Valley, I developed sports and repetitive motion injuries and stress-related chronic pain. After the Hendrickson Method® and the meditations from Dr. Joe Dispenza healed my body, I was inspired to bring this healing approach to you.

I combine compassion and empathy with a deep scientific understanding of anatomy, orthopedic conditions, the human kinetic chain, the mind body connection, and touch to release “holding patterns” of the body, be they acute or chronic.


Available by appointment only.

Tel: +1 650.308.9302

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